Looking Forward - 2020

Our board and Volunteer Coordinators have identified possible improvements, depending on funding and favorable cooperation with local organizations:

  • Need to expand the meal services to accommodate additional people, resulting from closure of a local “Hogar de Ancianos” (Elder Home).
  • Expansion of support from Jet Blue, once our legal status as an Ecuadorian foundation is finalized.
  • Liaison with local schools and service organizations to distribute/sell donated. items.
  • Organization of shelter housing for homeless elders.
  • Improved irrigation for the cornfields.

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Our Heartfelt Gratitude...

Serving Cotacachi's Forgotten Elders...

We extend an enormous thank-you to our Kitchen Staff, Shoppers, Thrift Shop Managers, Volunteers and Volunteer Coordinators for the ongoing support they supply to our program...

Kitchen Staff: Salome Alvear Panchita

Thrift Shop: Carol Gold, Mary Grover

Volunteer Coordinators: Susan & Chuck Bussey

Shoppers: Blanca Morales, Jairo Morales, Fred Hosea

Volunteers:  Alma Thomas, Marcos Pazmino, Ana Guevara Aguirre, Bob Lanzilotta, Bruce Finch, Burton Johnson, Carolyn Spainhour, Chuck Bussey, Don Simms, Don Spainhour, Fernando Correa, Heidi Small, James Scarberry, Janet Narum, Joyce Smith, Judy Taylor, Kate Schutt, Ken Fordham, Linda Wussow, Mary Hellman, Nikki Noonar, Salome Alvear, Sidney Wise, Suzanne Bennett H, Terri Scarberry, Tina Faith.

 Place of Hope Board Photo

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