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At times a few heartfelt words can make a difference.  I really wanted to share this with all of you today… – Micky


I warmly bring you greetings from Ecuador, where I have been living for a little more than 3 years. It is the land of my birth, my Mother Earth, which I am fully enjoying and it is also the land where my love is.

With life as it is, coming and going from the US, until all my ‘stuff’ is settled, it has taken me this long to find my rightful ‘place’ there, to figure out how I can be of service, and I think I have now found it!

Taking advantage of this visit to NY, I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you some details of my heart’s calling. I have become actively involved with the Ecuador Project Hope Foundation, which is helping a small school in the village of Agualongo, in the Cotacachi area of northern Ecuador.

It is a gorgeous mountainous region, producing very warm hearted people. The children that attend the school are all from indigenous families of the surrounding area, who are very wealthy in culture, but lack the funds to acquire some basic needs for the school, which would improve the lives of these children.

If you feel called in any way to offer your support, financial or otherwise, to improve the surroundings, education, nutrition, etc. for these children, I will feel very joyous to have you as my partner in the work we are already doing and that which we are planning for the future.

Please see www.ecuadorprojecthope.org for ideas on how you may contribute, as well as full information on the foundation itself.

On behalf of the children of Escuela Agualongo


Yolanda Santana

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Pamela Slocum April 11, 2011

Yoli, very informative and heartfelt, I prayed that I may be blessed enough to be a partner for such a worthwhile cause.
Bless you in all your endeavors, As a person who also lived and loves Ecuador, I know firsthand that the children there truly do deserve this HOPE. thank you for sharing your knowledge. Joy to you and your project. Your dear friend, Pamela

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