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A Nourishing Meal for Everyone

Our Beginnings 

Micky Enright founded Place of Hope in Cotacachi, Ecuador to address the nutritional and health needs of the city’s poor and neglected indigenous elders. Since its founding, the program has provided over 75,000 meals and become an integral part of life for hundreds of local residents who, in many cases, have little or no other source of food or medical attention.

Due to health limitations, Micky has had to reduce her involvement in day-too-day operations of the program resulting in...

Micky Enright

Our Progress

As we approach a new decade in 2020, Place of Hope (Lugar de Esperanza) finds itself in a strong organizational position, supported for years by generous donors, local and international, and by a reliable team of caring volunteers who work together to provide over 15,000 meals a year to elderly indigenous guests and others with special needs.

Our program is well known in Cotacachi for its respectful and affectionate attention to the elders, and is highly appreciated by local organizations, communities and barrios. 

How We Serve the Community

As well as providing nutritious breakfasts Monday through Friday, year-round, Place of Hope also provides:

  • A monthly health clinic for treating simple health conditions, coordinated by professional nurses and volunteer Doctors.
  • Take-out sandwiches every Friday, so people will have something to eat on Saturday (donated)
  • Vitamin supplements and non-prescription medications (donated)
  • Assistive devices such as canes, eyeglasses and walkers (donated)
  • Weekly laundry and access to donated clothing
  • Weekly showers

 Photo Courtesy of David Sasaki

In Addition...

We farm a half-acre plot of land year-round, to grow corn, beans and vegetables that are used to supplement the foods we buy at the local market. The elders enjoy doing all the associated work of organic recycling, soil preparation, sowing, weeding, and harvesting.

We operate a Thrift Shop that collects donations of clothing, books, home appliances etc. for sale to the general public. All proceeds go directly to support food purchases and operating expenses of the program.

We organize an annual Pancake Breakfast and Christmas/Kapak Raymi holiday party, to inform and involve the local community in the program and generate income for the program.


We receive valuable corporate support from Jet Blue airlines, which donates round-trip airline tickets from Ecuador to anywhere in the United States they fly.

Tickets are raffled as an important additional source of contributions. The airport Staff from Quito also drive to Cotacachi periodically with a van full of other donations that can be sold or used by our indigenous neighbors. Bravo, Jet Blue!

We receive donations from individual fundraisers organized by our local volunteers and musical ensembles.

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